Indonesian Outreach Materials

We have some superb resources that have been developed for use in Indonesia:

Bat Conservation International ( developed the brochure “Save the Bats” in collaboration with the Alliance for Tompotika Conservation ( to help save Flying Foxes in Sulawesi, Indonesia. We hope you find it valuable in your conservation efforts! (In Bahasa Indonesia) BCI Sulawesi Save The Bats Brochure (pdf)

For outreach in Sumatra, Joe Chun-Chia Huang worked with Taufiq Purna Nugraha and Sephy Noerfahmy to modify and translate materials from the Malaysian Bat Party Pack.

MBCRU Comic Gema’s Home in Indonesian  (pdf)

MBCRU Where’s my food puzzle in Indonesian (pdf)

MBCRU Bat Leaflet in Indonesian (pdf)

MBCRU Bat Math A Natural Pesticide in Indonesian (pdf)

They also developed some superb posters that can be used for display or as a basis for lectures that detail bat diversity, the importance of bats and threats to bats.

Lecture or poster presentations in Indonesian (pdf)

Bat Diversity Poster for Indonesia (pdf)