Seven species added to Cambodia’s country list

The Cambodian bat fauna is one of the least well-known in the region, as is evidenced by the addition of seven new species to the country’s list in a recent publication from Ith Saveng and colleagues.  The authors reviewed specimens collected from around the country over the last 11 years and confirmed the presence of Rhinolophus yunanensisHipposideros diademaSaccolaimus saccolaimusMyotis ater, M. horsfieldiiMurina cyclotis and Kerivoula picta, bringing the country’s total to 60 species. There remains much to do however, and the authors anticipate addition discoveries as survey effort expands and intensifies.

Ith Saveng, Gabor Csorba, Paul J J Bates & Neil M Furey (2011). Confirmation of seven bat species for Cambodia. Cambodian Journal of Natural History 2: 93-103.

Ith et al. 2011. Seven new bats for Cambodia