Cambodian bat list grows

The species list for Cambodia continues to climb! Recent surveys and morphological reviews of collections have added five new records, bringing the current count to 66 species. The new records are of Macroglossus minimus, Pipistrellus paterculus, P. javanicus, Hypsugo cadornae and Miniopterus pusillus. 

Neil M Furey, Phauk Sophany, Phen Sarith, Chheang Sarak, Ith Saveng, Paul JJ Bates and Gabor Csorba (2012). New country records for five bat species (Chiroptera) from Cambodia. Cambodian Journal of Natural History 2: 141-149.

There is also a  nice article from FFI on Neil’s work in Cambodia working with FFI and Royal University of Phnom Phen on the Biodiversity Conservation Masters.