Diets of cave bats in Java

A recent paper on diets of cave-dwelling insectivorous bats of Indonesia was published by Fahama et al. in Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation. The researchers identified the use of insects by 11 bat species from 12 Karst caves in south Gomong area of Central Java. The results suggest that the cave assemblages can be subdivided into three different foraging ensembles based upon differences in their use of prey size and prey hardness. Competition of food resources was assumed to be weak among species due to the low overlapping of their diets.

Source: Wijayanti Fahama, Dedy Duryadi Solihin, Hadi Sukadi Alikodra,and Ibnu Maryanto. 2012. The diet of insectivorous cave-dewelling bats from Gombong Karst Area, Central Java, Indonesia. Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation, Vol. 9 (1): 49-18.