Using LIDAR technology to scan roosting cave bats

A recently published article in Science Reports entitled “Counting in the dark: Non-intrusive laser scanning for population counting and indentifying roosting bats” demonstrates a method for using innovative and less intrusive technology to survey bat populations in caves.  This study uses a terrestrial Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) laser scanner to remotely identify and determine the exact population of roosting bats in a cave (Gua Kelawar) in peninsular Malaysia.  LIDAR was used to capture a 3D image of the spatial layout of the cave but also of the roosting bats accurate enough to differentiate Hipposideros larvatus and their roosting pattern in minimal light amongst the cave features.

Azmy, S.N., Mohd Sah, S. A., Shafie, N. J., Arifin, A., Majid, Z., Ismail, M. N. A. and Shamsir, M. S. 2012. Counting in the dark: Non-intrusive laser scanning for population counting and identifying roosting bats. Scientific Report. 2, 524 – 527.