Bats of Gunung Stong State Park, Kelantan, Malaysia

Information of small mammal diversity in Kelantan is still scarce, but a recent survey of small mammals was conducted in Gunung Stong State Park. Trapping with standard mist nets and harp traps generated five new distributional records of bats in Gunung Stong State Park and a first record of Myotis muricola in Kelantan. The study also shows that Gunung Stong State Park is one of the three areas in Peninsular Malaysia where all four Cynopterus species that can be found in Peninsular Malaysia coexist.

The paper is open access and can be downloaded here.

Jayaraj, V.K., N.F.D.A. Tahir, N.A.Udin, N.F.K. Baharin, S.K. Ismail & S.N.A. Zakaria (2012). Species diversity of small mammals at Gunung Stong State Park, Kelantan, Malaysia. Journal of Threatened Taxa 4(6): 2617–2628.